A Renewed Sense of Purpose

Once upon a time, a young man or woman was born, full of joy, curiosity, and ambition. Full of life. One day, s/he met a thief in a dark forest who stole her inheritance, and s/he became suspicious. At school one day, a teacher judged  work that s/he had spent countless hours creating, and our hero/ine’s ambition and self-worth flickered like a strong wind had swept by. Time passed, and  s/he met the person s/he wanted to spend life with, and when this love took another path, grief and betrayal replaced curiosity. With each new challenge, our hero/ine came to doubt what life held.  Little knowing that s/he held it all.

Each of us holds the world in the palm of a hand. We simply need to remember how to open up and reach for it.

We all have our fairy tales. Frequently, they are the stories others have given us to carry.  Are you living your life, or someone else’s? Has life beaten the happy ending out of you?  Are you basing your goals on what society expects of you? Is the white noise of stress blotting out the sweet notes of your beautiful future?

If we trade stories—making our hut a castle and our frog a prince– our subconscious minds let their guard down, and let wealth in and abundance flow.

Allow me to take you to a new Land of peace and stability, where you can find and live your true dreams. Come with me, and we’ll travel to a more abundant life. Your Life.

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