How Can I Help You?Kathy Ramsperger

I know I can help you transform your life because I’ve done it for others.

  • My journalism background gives me perspective and objectivity to guide you on your way.
  • My communications skills give me the ability to listen—both to what you say and your silences, helping you navigate hidden subconscious blocks to your success.
  • My humanitarian career has given me compassion with healthy boundaries. I can teach you how to have this balance, too.
  • My time in international management has given me wisdom about dealing in today’s multi-cultural, ever-changing, increasingly connected world.
  • My training and speaking experience allows me to teach you how to coach yourself, so you can help yourself long after the coaching winds down.
  • My inherent creativity helps me identify with and value artists and dreamers–and empower them to earn what they deserve.
  • My motherhood of one adopted child and one child with learning differences, coupled with my international team leadership expertise, has afforded me hands-on experience helping people with differences reach their aspirations and goals.
  • My spirituality gives me intuition to see what you need and know how to get you there. This will give you rapid results.
  • My Reiki certification allows me to bring you healing in every session we share.
  • Now, as a Master Certified Intuitive Coach ®, I offer a special recipe of right brain/left brain coaching. Intuitive Coaching ® guides clients to a point at which they can see above and beyond their self-created forest full of trees. It draws on Jungian philosophy, creative visualization, and Voice Dialog. It moves people forward—even if they’ve been stuck for years.

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