Imagine gliding down a river.
You pass by a myriad of landscapes,
Some appealing,
Others stagnant.
Life is like this river. The current carries us along.
Yet  we always have our choice of ports.
Look around you.
Are you watching an approaching tornado?
A desert with no end in sight?
Would you like to leave?
Do you know how?
Imagine a rainbow arches over the land that once was wind-torn.
For everything,
There is a season.
When clouds form
It may seem life is unyielding.
Yet the clouds always part, Revealing the sun was there along.
We may  get stuck in storms of our own making.
Never noticing the paths that lead away, to another land.
If you desire to leave the Desert of Doubt,
The Rock Bottom of Despair,
I can lend a little perspective.
Better yet, I can lead you to transform your life in as little as  6 Weeks.
It’s time to move on to something new.
You just need someone to help you read your map.
That someone is me.
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It’s all in your hands.

Change is only possible from the inside out. I can help you change your beliefs on the inside, using a combination of cutting edge techniques and my own wisdom and experience. If you can change your beliefs—many of them false—that have been around for as long as you’ve been able to articulate them, you can change your job, your health and weight, your relationships, your life! These new goals already exist—inside you, hiding behind self-imposed judgments, unrealistic fears, and societal expectations. You can discover—and live—the life of your dreams.  My techniques employ pictures instead of words, because our words are often a reloading program that runs over and over in our subconscious. If we can get past this outdated, corrupted programming and install new software, we raise the potential for change.