Turning 50

To commemorate my 50th birthday, I’m featuring some of my poetry and prose from childhood, during this, my birthday month. I’ll also share some of my favorite quotes. My body has changed, but my personality and beliefs have remained intact. I now know what my mother meant when she used to sigh, “I’m still the same person.” This poem is posted in honor of her and the life she gave me, and in memory of my preschool birthday parties, which I used to torment her. May she rest in joy and peace now. There’s nothing quite like having a fire sign for a daughter. I know this now. My daughter is an Aries. 


I’ll tell you about me.

It’s all about a peppermint clown ruffle

Fastened around my neck,

Riding an orange pony on a carousel,

Wearing a bedroom slipper

With the toe cut out

Because I stubbed my toe that morning,

Hiding under the table

So I don’t have to blow out my candles.

Now you know.

I have no place in my life for people and places without passion. I want my lilfe to burn like a thousand suns.

— Hermann Hesse