In Tribute to A Sunny Spring Day

Welcome to my blog, Ground One.

Ground Zero :  Function:  noun; Date:  1946 ~ 1: the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs; 2: the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change; 3: the very beginning .

Ground One:  Function: verb; Date: 2008 ~ 1: to create a new beginning from an ending, starting from the ground up; 2: to use one’s  life beliefs and values to break new ground; 3: to ground oneself; i.e., to become one with the earth or universal whole; 4: to journey within to find new solutions to ancient problems;  5:  to use one’s unique individual gifts to improve the whole; 6: to find common ground among a diversity of cultures, philosophies, and ideas.

I’ve been writing with great zeal. I most recently finished a stewardship report on the China (Sichuan Province) earthquake for the American Red Cross. I also have what seems to be a play in progress. My reader seems to be pleased with it, although I’ve only finished the treatment and character arc. I received high praise from a famous writer this week, which I would post, but I want to protect her privacy. I want to share something, though. So instead of my own thoughts this week, I’d like to share a fable—Aesop’s Fable to be exact—that has influenced the way I see life this week.   Here’s hoping you enjoy it for the first time, or that it brings back warm memories. In these harsh times, we need to remember that warmth will get us more than force.

The wind and the sun wanted to prove which was stronger. When they saw a traveler coming down the road, the sun said, “I see a way to make a final determination. Whichever of us can cause the traveler to take off his coat will prove that s/he is stronger.” The wind began blowing with all its frigid might. The harder s/he blew, the tighter the traveler wrapped his coat around him. Finally, the wind gave up. Then the sun cameout from behind a cloud and shone a ray of light down on the traveler. Guess what happened? The traveler became warm, then hot, then—took his coat off.

Sometimes we think we have to wrestle with something or argue with someone to get our way—when shining our light—our SELVES—is all we need do.