Lisa Springston; MICI Master Coach in Training

…My transformation has been amazing from the inside out! My MICI study partner Kathy Ramsperger, You were my Coach, my teacher and my Healer. It’s a fact that you working with me weekly, I released the emotions and weight quickly. I had Amazing results; you helped me find the complete me, a healthy mind, body & spirit.


Your coaching helped wake me up and gave me tools that I sorely needed in my state of major change.  You have many rare abilities —  to listen deeply with your heart and your head, to thoughtfully integrate many sources of input, and to gently offer insightful and encouraging feedback.  In working with you, I was reminded of wisdom I already knew (but lost sight of) and opened up to new possibilities, rather than ushered to some endpoint or a conclusion.  The nature of your InVision(R) process tapped into my own creativity, which was inspiring and heartening.  I found the active homework tasks quite powerful & surprising.  You always met me where I was, whether panicky or confused or sad or excited, & tailored the work accordingly.  And I am deeply touched by all your generosity. Your professional help at this crossroads in my life means a lot to me.  A million thanks!!

Tami, Vermont

Kathy directed her gentle but powerful skills to open my blocked creativity and make writing fun again. After each session I felt renewed and excited. Her methods really work. There’s no more fun and effective way to gain personal insight and get yourself on track!

Kim, Wisconsin

You have touched my life in ways that are continuing to change me. Thank you for sharing your talents with me. I gave my notice and a few weeks later, I was offered my dream job. It took me awhile, but I’m free, rebalancing, and beginning a wonderful next chapter in my life.
May God continue to work through you.
With much love and admiration,

Jenny, California

The coaching program has really made a wonderful difference in how I’m living my life, and I’m so grateful, especially to you  Thank you for being there for me and understanding me! 🙂

Irina, Michigan

If you can hear my heart, it is the place where my genuine gratitude exists for you. I am sending my unlimited Thank You full of love and admiration of you as a professional Writer, as a Woman with a big kind heart, as a humanitarian leader with cutting-edge vision of helping others. Thank you for sharing with me the energy of harmony, peace and love. You teach me every time to stop and ” smell roses”. Thank you!