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Maybe She’s Born With It … Maybe It’s PTSD

Is she just bitchy, maybe it's PTSD?

That “bitchy” woman might actually be healing from serious trauma. Maybe it’s PTSD … I was always a little high strung. I jumped at loud noises, and I cried at romantic comedies. Some dates made fun of me. They liked to scare me. Other men wanted me to calm down. My father called my crying jags my…

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Kids Who Make These 6 Mistakes Become Successful, Happy Adults

Yes, REALLY! As parents, we often forget that to err is human. (I know I’m guilty of forgetting that at times.) In our well-intentioned pursuit of raising perfectly happy, successful kids, we all too often equate them making a mistake with FAILURE … when, in fact, research tells us —making mistakes is essential to future SUCCESS. Our all-or-nothing failure perspective isn’t just accurate; it actually harms our children’s…

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4 Ways To Cope With Your Breakup (Without Falling Apart)

Come on, happiness feels so much better than sulking. I’ve been there before, obsessing about my ex and agonizing over our breakup. But, that was a long time ago. I’ve since worked through the grief and life felt happy again when I decided to finally be happy with myself, by myself. Only then did I find someone new, someone who loved me for…

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4 No-Nonsense Ways To Get Your Kids To Actually Listen

Isn’t it time you led by example? Getting your kids to listen is one of the hardest parts of parenting. From the time little ones can walk, they prize their independence. But when “I can do it myself” takes an ugly turn into meltdowns, crackups, and even blatant defiance … what’s a frustrated parent to do? Here are four…

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Are Relationships REALLY Harder Than Ever?

Maybe. But don’t be so quick to assume your parent’s generation had it any better. Did our parents really have it easier in the relationships department when they were young? Back in the days of prolonged courtship, fewer relationship partners, and saying “I do” as the ideal end (not the last possible dreaded option)? Flash forward to…

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Your Kids Aren’t Perfect & That’s OK: 2 Loving Ways To Let It Go

Perfectionism just causes stress. Time to let it go! We all know her. The mom who needs every detail of her kids‘ existence to epitomize perfection. Whether it’s receiving top grades in school, getting the fastest time on the track or cleaning the dishes correctly (AKA her way), she’s meticulous about everything being just right. But stressed out moms are stressing…

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