An Unblocked Font of Creative Potential

An Unblocked Font of Creative Potential

The light in a child’s eyes glows with creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Yet as the years pass, life can obstruct this flow, leaving us in a troublesome shadow land where ideas elude us. We may become blocked. We may befriend a subliminal chatterbox that tells us we are no good at what we do and chastises us to delete every sentence before written, every photograph as it is snapped, and note as it is sung–preventing us from finishing any of our masterpieces, or taking away our ability to see its worth and beauty.  Creative people may build walls to escape the pain of frequent rejection, yet by doing so, may keep their creative process waiting at the gate, too. We may cut off sensitivity that feeds our creativity to protect our hearts through giving up—or worse, through addiction.

Join me on a Journey through the Stream of Conscious Creativity. I have been rejected, even cursed at. I have sweated blood at insanely tight deadlines. I have sometimes been misunderstood in spite of every attempt at clarity. I have sat, searching the Universe for the right word, at typewriters, computers, ipads, even read them over the phone to editors.  I have stood—emotionally naked—in front of bosses, editors, publishers, and readers. Yet I have never been blocked. And following the words of Winston Churchill, I have never, ever, ever given up!

I am a published poet, journalist, and author. My stories and photographs have appeared in national publications. I sing solos to appreciative audiences. I now have the training to be able to take the next step and share my creative methods that will take your art, or even your daily work, to the next level.

There are more opportunities for Creatives now than ever before. Let me share my techniques with you.

If you feel stuck or blocked, no matter your creative endeavor, give me a call. If you want to explore new ways to use your right brain, I can help, too.