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Kathryn Ramsperger, Intuitive Life CoachAbout Intuitive Life Coach Kathryn Ramsperger

Change is only possible from the inside out. Intuitive life coaching with Kathryn Ramsperger can help you change your beliefs so you can change your job, your health, and your relationships. In short, she can help you change your life!


Let Kathryn Ramsperger Help You Find Your Own Powerful Balance Through Intuitive Life Coaching

Kathryn Ramsperger’s coaching approach aligns your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies. You’ll learn to draw from all sides of your brain, both left and right, even the parts you feel might be broken. Then you’ll work together to customize a plan that will both inspire and direct you toward an agreed-upon path to get you from wherever you find yourself to where you want to go.

Kathryn Ramsperger’s Coaching Style

Kathryn Ramsperger has been an intuitive life coach for almost a decade. As a Master Certified Intuitive Coach ® (cert. 2010 by MICI), Kathryn Ramsperger offers a special recipe of right brain/left brain coaching. Intuitive Coaching ® guides clients to a point at which they can see above and beyond their self-created forest full of trees. It draws on Jungian philosophy, Creative Visualization, and Voice Dialog. It moves people forward—even if they’ve been stuck for years.Her style is interactive, proactive, conversational, and empowering. She helps you find your way instead of telling you what to do. Her coaching modalities allow for you to make your own decisions; she works as your guide and navigator.

She’s also developed her own coaching program called Step Into Your Story (c. 2016), created specifically for Creative Sensitive Moms and their Creative Sensitive Children.

Kathryn’s Experience

  • Kathryn Ramsperger’s  journalism background gives her perspective and objectivity to guide you on your way.
  • Her skills give me the ability to listen—both to what you say and your silences, helping you navigate hidden subconscious blocks to your success.
  • Kathryn’s two-decade humanitarian career gave her both compassion and healthy boundaries. She can teach you how to have this balance, too.
  • Her time in international management has given her wisdom about dealing in today’s multi-cultural, ever-changing, increasingly connected world.
  • She’s trained as a coach to teach you how to coach yourself, so you can help yourself long after the coaching winds down.
  • Kathryn Ramsperger’s inherent creativity helps her identify with and value artists and dreamers–and empower them to earn what they deserve.
  • Parenting an adopted daughter with ADHD and a son with dyslexia, coupled with her international team leadership experiences and her own creative quirkiness, make her an excellent choice of coach if you’re a person who feels a little bit different than the norm.
  • During a session, Kathryn Ramsperger will use her intuitive and empathic skills to feel into your situation. She does not offer readings; she’s intuitive, but a life coach not a psychic. Instead, she gives you prescriptive advice to advance your life and your life purpose. She is a trained and experienced Oracle Card reader and a Reiki healer, but will only use these tools if requested.

From Creative Humanitarian to Intuitive Life Coach

Kathryn Ramsperger began her career as a journalist, first with local media, then with the National Geographic Society and Kiplinger. After earning an advanced degree in publications management from George Washington University, she worked with the Red Cross locally, nationally, and internationally.

An author, speaker, teacher, and coach, Kathryn specializes in multicultural communication, global citizenship, and women’s and children’s issues. As a creative change agent, one of Kathryn’s greatest strengths lies in providing a balanced combination of practical and intuitive guidance to people and organizations locked in Catch 22 situations. Her empathy and insight guide parties and people to find common ground, see another point of view, and move from the negative to the positive, from stuck to unstuck. She helps her clients remove their own resistance and creative blocks.

In addition to her lifelong devotion to writing, Kathryn has managed humanitarian projects and people all over the world. Past projects include heading a project to increase international humanitarian awareness in 15 U.S. cities; crafting and conducting communication and development workshops throughout Southeastern Africa; leading communication teams during the Gulf War and the HIV/AIDS crisis; and developing training on the Geneva Conventions for television producers and reporters.

Kathryn is winner of the Hollins University Fiction Prize, several Hermes Creative Awards, and numerous finalist placements in literary competitions, including the Faulkner-Wisdom. Her recent novel The Shores of Our Souls won two America’s Best Book Awards. She was an American Red Cross Tiffany Award nominee.

Kathryn Ramsperger’s Story: How Ground One Was Born

I have walked a mile in your shoes. I have been where you are. I’ve navigated poverty in childhood, an ill mother and no health insurance, sending money home making $10K a year. I’ve experienced failed relationships. I’ve partnered with my husband for almost 35 years. We’ve raised two children, one biological, one adopted, both with learning differences, now themselves out and about in the world. I’ve lived all over the country and all over the world. I’ve recreated myself and my life dozens of times and been successful at it.

After the 9/11 attacks in New York City and my home base of Washington, DC, society focused on “Ground Zero” and the repeated, horrific media footage that symbolized it. I felt they were missing the point: The world as we knew it was forever changed, not destroyed. Each ONE of us was being called to step up to refashion this new world.

All the while my own life was suffering traumatic blows:  a move back to the U.S. from my dream job, miscarriages, the death of my father in 2001, the death of my mother in 2003, my soul sister in 2005 from pancreatic cancer, my own melanoma and inflammatory disease.. hen my own life’s infrastructure suffered traumatic blows.  As the new millennium grew from infant to toddler to preschooler, I drove countless hours to care for my dying parents.

Kathryn Ramsperger

I’m here to tell you to never, ever, ever give up. If you keep on persisting instead of resisting hardship, even trauma, you’ll meet with success, just like me. Resilience and empowerment are the infrastructure of my Ground One practice. 


In 2007, I sat in a surgeon’s office listening to her tell me that the only resolution to my life-altering digestive issues was a colon re-section.  “Better to do it now before you perforate,” she said as though she was telling me to put bread on the grocery list. “No,” my heart resounded. “I’m not having surgery yet.” More than a decade later, my colon is still intact, HEALED, but my soul has changed, mainly because I finally listened to it.

I now listen to my body. I get enough sleep, I eat right, I drink lots of water, I exercise, and I take key supplements.  I set goals, but I also set boundaries. I meditate. I pray.  I use my intuition. I feel that every atom in my being has died, and every atom has been reborn—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was forced to learn to ground and balance myself in this new world order. I experienced my very own personal Ground One. That’s what I bring to you.

I created Ground One from this perspective, to serve as an alternative to a zero sum mentality that is prevalent today, and to find solutions that will change the equation to result in much larger, even infinite, sums. Ground One is a verb instead of a noun. It’s about acting instead of reacting.  It’s about looking within and finding ways to make our outer world work again. It’s about spreading our creative ideas like seeds. It’s about reaching out to one another in love instead of blame. I hope my business becomes a forum for all who build up instead of tear down.

If we ground and heal ourselves, we can change the world.